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iTRINITY Managed IT Services supports any business big or small as it’s vitally important for the IT infrastructure to be reliable and effective. We aim to build and establish a long-term relationship with our clients, constantly innovating, saving and keeping your business at the forefront of IT technologies.

Managing IT for any business comes with daily tasks that need to be completed to minimise downtime. Failure to maintain & update both hardware & software places businesses at risk. Managed IT services is basically a professional outsourced IT department that will monitor and maintain your whole business IT infrastructure with the goal to minimize downtime and increase productivity. Some of our Managed IT Services includes the following:

Network Management. Maintain and test Network efficiency at regular intervals.

Helpdesk Management. Ticketing tracking solution to manage day to day support requests.

Server & Desktop Support. We provide you with reliable, speedy and efficient support.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring / Preventative Maintenance. Monitoring the business Infrastructure to prevent Hardware, Software, Network failure/issues and security breaches. By completing daily maintenance tasks, we can prevent critical downtime from happening saving money and time.

Backups. Implementation of backup solution(s) and monitored closely which includes restoration of actual data, ensuring data is ‘actually’ recoverable.

IT Disaster Recovery Plan. Implementation of disaster recovery policies and procedures, providing you peace of mind that in the event of a major disaster, your information is safe and can gain access to information and services within a short period of time.

Security. Ensure adequate security for the whole IT infrastructure including physical firewall solutions, anti-virus and security patch management.

    Increased User Productivity. Preventative maintenance will reduce downtime and improve the overall productivity of the business. Minimizing technology-related complications will increase efficiency.

    Consistent Monthly Cost. Know what to expect with a set standard monthly IT management fee for ongoing IT maintenance, support and management.

    Less Downtime / More Professional Advice. Through active monitoring of your IT infrastructure we can detect major faults before it has an impact on your business, giving our support engineers the edge in giving you the best advice on the way forward.

    IT Infrastructure Documentation. We deem your site IT documentation a high priority on our ‘To Do’ list. This enables any of our engineers to be able to provide you with the speedy response and support you deserve by having all the relevant information on hand.

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