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Think of IT Security as business insurance… can you really afford to be without it? Especially in today’s digital climate; the threat is real, and most people don’t even know they are infected and or infiltrated!

Vulnerabilities in an organisation’s design, operation or internal control and IT systems are something that each business owner needs to be aware of. To secure networks / computer systems, it is important to understand the types of attacks that can be made against the company and that these threats can typically be classified into one of these categories below: (to just name a few)

  • Backdoor
  • DoS Attack (denial of service)
  • Direct Access Attack
  • Eavesdropping
  • Multi-vector, Polymorphic Attacks
  • Phishing
  • Privilege Escalation
  • Social Engineering
  • Spoofing
  • Tampering


Computer Protection & Counter Measures

Our clients IT Security is incredibly important to us, so we offer security as a countermeasure (action, device, procedure, or technique) that reduces threats, vulnerabilities, or attacks by eliminating or trying to prevent it, by minimizing the harm it can cause, or by taking immediate corrective action against the threats.

POPI (and GDPR) act requires secure networks and strategies! Talk to us to learn more on how we can safeguard your information!

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As a well established company, iTRINITY is highly focused on dedicated services, such as Managed IT Services, Cloud Solutions, Hardware & Software, Upgrades, IT Management & Project Management (IT), Solution Design, Networking, Microsoft House, Insurance Assessments, Security, and IT Audits.

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