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We offer VoIP telephony services to any size business at very affordable rates! Our offer provides our clients with enterprise grade telephony functionality, so no matter how big or small your business is, you can have it ALL!

iTRINITY Consulting supports numerous business on this platform and can generally save them up to 40% on their monthly telephone bills and more!

We also offer uncapped calls at a fixed price per extension, so if a specific department does a lot of calling, you could potentially have a huge saving by having us assist you in planning your call costs strategically to provide your business with the best outcome, not just in cost saving but the right tools for the right job!

Cloud PBX Functions

Some of functions our PBX offering can do for you and your company: (but not all)

  • Take your office phone home, or we have softphone options. This means, your staff can now take or make calls where ever they are!
  • Auto attendant features.
  • IVR’s. This means, playable messages such as: Professional greetings, Day and Night Mode scheduling, Emergency personal message like self-isolation etc.
  • Recording. This includes any and all calls, internal and external.
  • Call-centre queue handling.
  • Hunting groups.
  • Call restrictions.
  • Voice mail options.
  • Call forwarding.
  • Reporting modules.
  • And so much more, systems are very scalable and adaptable to YOUR need.

Some industries that use our VoIP systems are: Legal firms, Real estate agencies (with call centres), Corporate Governance industries, Medical institutes and insurance brokers.

No matter your industry or profession we have the right solution for YOU!

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